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Holidays 2021

Wow what a great holiday season! We started going crazy starting in October. First was the Vintage Shop Hop, where we get to meet new friends from all over the Midwest. There are over 400 shops on the list in Wisconsin and Illinois. If you love all things Vintage, Antique or repurposed this event is for you. The Facebook Event can be found on Vintage Shop Hop and a new interactive map is uploaded every 6 months. Not only can you shop and find unique items but each shop has their own sales, giveaways, and yummy food and drinks. Seriously this is a must event!

Next up was the Burlington Spooky City Event. This is so fun for kids of all ages, who get dressed up in their favorite costumes! All the shops in Historic Downtown Burlington have goodies for the Trick or Treaters. Be prepared for lots of fun and crowds. There are hayrides, pumpkin decorating, coffin races, shopping in the square, ribs and beer fest plus lots of

candy! What an exciting event.

Then we had our own Halloween Family fun. My son Ryan and his family camp at The Jellystone Camp ground in Caledonia. All the campers dress up and have treats for the kiddies and potent potions for the adult crowd. Most Campsites are decorated with spooks and goblins. Ryans family goes all out for this fun weekend. When it gets really dark the campsite puts on a laser show over the beach. Of course there's a Corn Maze and Haunted House. As many of you know this is Aubrey's favorite holiday, she has always loved it!

Now we are into November one of the craziest times of the year here at 2 Fancie Gals. Time to decorate the shop for the Christmas Season. Wow this is exhausting! We have so many totes filled with decor not only for making the shop look amazing but handmade decor to make your homes beautiful too! I know I always tell everyone by this time I am tired of Christmas (I start making lots of the decor in June) but I secretly love this time of year! We have so many wonderful memories here at the shop and at home.

The shopping season starts here in Burlingon, WI on Widows Weekend with the Light Up The Night Event. All the shops have special sales, coupons, giveaways and fun food and drinks. Dont miss this event to get a jump on your Christmas shopping. We always have a fun time seeing all customers and making new friends.

The very next day is the Fall Wine Trail. This event is always fantastic and it benefits our local nonprofit Music Matters, who has put over $100,000 back into the community sponsoring all sorts of grants. For just $40 you get to visit 15 locations and sample 30 wines. This year our wines came from St. Julian Vineyards located in Michigan. Aubrey drove the shop pickup to PawPaw Michigan to pick it all up. What an adventure! We are so proud of this event...every year it gets better. All the locations go over the top with good food and we always have music by Windy Hope! By Sunday of that weekend we are wiped out and need a vacation but that never happens, not at this time of year.

Next up Christmas Parades! Burlington was first on December 3 with the theme of Frozen, so many Olafs it was awesome. We host a fundraiser at the corner of our street for Music Matters. We make hot chocolate and goodies to sell and its always a big hit. Burlington has some of the most generous people around. Our whole family comes and helps out so we have a blast at this awesome parade. Both me and Aubrey live in Waterford which is only 15 minutes from our shop in Burlington. We love to be involved with our own community too. Last year at the Waterford Parade we noticed that at the end Santa only had a tent to sit in and have children visit. Right then and there we knew we had to do something about that. We got together with Aubrey's sweetheart Charlie and made a plan. Since our business is repurposing and Charlie owns Arnold Construction we began saving all left over materials from our jobs. Then in the fall Charlie and his brother began building the Chalet. Almost everything they used was repurposed. It turned out amazing! What a surprise for the children in this community. I'm sure they will be using it for years to come. That night we were in the parade with the 2 Fancie Gals pickup followed by my grandkids driving their very own dump truck ( they are 6 and 4). Another great time was had by all.

Finally time to slow down and enjoy Christmas with the families. Rick (Poppy) and I (Grammie) got to go out east to visit our son and his beautiful family! It even snowed out here so we had a white Christmas! Those 2 gorgeous granddaughters really keep you hopping and we enjoyed every second. We finally had to come home. We were able to enjoy another celebration with Aubrey and Charlie and our other sons crazy and lovable family! What a Year! I cant wait to see what 2022 has in store for us here at 2 Fancie Gals.


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