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  • Custom Orders: I love the pieces you have to offer but if I have a piece of my own could you do something with it?
    Yes, absolutely!! We try very hard to pick pieces that will work for many different styles of homes, and sometimes you already have that piece but it just needs a makeover! If you have something you would like for us to do, we are more than happy to turn it into something new. If you go to the “Contact Us” page on our website just send us a message, and we can figure out all of the details!
  • Shipping: Will you ship larger items?
    Shipping larger items can get very expensive so we try to avoid it. When we ship smaller items the customer pays for the cost, so if you are willing to pay the extra shipping cost of the larger items we are happy to send it to you.
  • Types of Paint: What kind of paints do you use on the pieces? Do I need to know anything about care after purchasing?
    We mainly use Chalk Paint on our pieces. We love the look of it and all of the great techniques it provides! There is no upkeep for the pieces we sell. We will seal our pieces with a coat of clear wax and buff it until it has a smooth finish, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Shop Hours: Can there be a way for me to come in at a time not during your shop hours?
    Yes! If you have a busy schedule (who doesn’t these days!) and can’t come in when we are open just shoot us an email, and we would love to find a time that works for you to come by the shop to browse or talk about a custom order!
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