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Ice Fishing Jamboree 2022

What a fun and crazy day we had on Saturday. The fishing started at 8am and continued until 2pm. It was very cold but not as bad as last year. Everyone was bundled up to stay warm. Even though we had to brave the cold all the spirits were warm. After all this is a huge fund raiser for the Union Grove, WI Veterans home, so not only is it fun but it helps those who have made this country so great.

This year my husband Rick thought a small ice rink would be fun for all the kids and even some daring adults. Charlie shoveled out a perfect rink the day before and then Rick headed over to Waterford Lake early in the morning to make it smoother and bring a hockey net. There were a few hiccups but it was ready to go. Even before the water he used to smooth it out, froze, kids were ready to play a little pickup hockey game. As many of you know our sons Ryan and Sean started playing hockey at an early age and continued through college. Now 3 of our grandchildren are playing so this sport is near and dear to my heart. Needless to say our Granddaughter and grandson who live near brought their equipment and went right on the rink.

The jamboree provides delicious food for all to share. This year we had chili, shredded meat, Deer stew, wild rice soup, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and so much more. There was a hot chocolate bar, Bloody Mary bar and lots of beer. Desserts included brownies, cookies and cook your own s’mores!

Of course the most fun was had by all the fisherman! There were all sorts of fish caught. Even though it was freezing cold these guys and gals had a great time. Some people had tip up’s while others sat over there holes with little fishing poles. Charlie set up a bonfire where you could take a break and warm up. And what I like to call the pro ice fisherman, they had there own shanty. Check out the fish below and look at that over the top smile!!

At the end around 2pm Ray awards the winners of the fishing contest. Then everyone who bought raffle tickets surrounds him for the drawing, remember this benefits Veterans so all the prizes are donated. You wouldn’t believe how full the tables were. There were gift certificates some over $50 and booze, games, blankets and so much more. And don’t forget the kids table where everyone is a winner.

Here is Aubrey with neighbor and friend Russ who is a avid fisherman all year round!

This is Ray who puts this great event together! As you can see a fantastic time was had by all of us! Hope you can make it next year!!

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